Main goals and objectives

Main Goals:

  • Assistance in development of transport and trade logistics in Uzbekistan; 
  • Creating favorable conditions for enterprises which promote development of logistics and business infrastructure and provide such services as insurance, leasing, haulage, forwarding, cargo storage and handling, customs procedures, declaration and legal support to formation and development of business environment;
  • Attraction of grants and technical assistance of international organizations, and direct foreign investments to the country with the view to create new jobs, additional types of services and development of business logistics in Uzbekistan;
  • Creating conditions for arrangement of training and professional development of specialists in transport and trade logistics, training of highly qualified personeel;
  • Conducting regional and international conferences, workshops, business forums, commercial and industrial exhibitions in the country and abroad;
  • Establishment and development of cooperation with foreign professional business associations, and exchange of best experience in application of logistics developments with foreign logistics organizations. 
  • Main Objectives:

    • Assistance in establishment of professional and business contacts with foreign partners and investors; and promotion of goods and services provided by Association members;
    • Arrangement of Association member's business trips and attraction of foreign enterpreuneurs to the country; 
    • Provision of a wide range of services to Association members including information support and consultancy;
    • Preparation of proposals to enhance legal framework for improvement of legal and economic conditions for business activity of association members;
    • Support to develop the system of training the personnel for business logistics enterprises; arrangment of training, retraining and professional development of entrepreneurs and the faculty of higher and secondary educational institutions;
    • Managment of implementation of the Uzbek Government's decisions on promoting development of regional trade and business logistics;
    • Creating conditions for development and use of achievements of industrial, commercial information, transport, warehousing, management and other types of logistics in Uzbekistan;
    • Provision of engineering and consulting services involving preparation of business plans and feasibility studies for innovation projects on localization and manufactoring of high-technology products;

    Preparation of project proposals and their implementation under the technical assistance to Uzbekistan provided by international organizations.