Strategic Development Plan

The main objectives of the implementation of this strategic plan are to ensure the phased and progressive development of the logistics institute in the Republic of Uzbekistan, to increase the importance and role of logistics services in the national economy, to approve the position of Association for the Development of Business Logistics, LLC  in the socio-economic and social life of the country in accordance with its legal status, statutory goals and objectives.

Legal Status

Association for the Development of Business Logistics, LLC (ADBL) was established in 2009, in the form of a limited liability company. ADBL is a voluntary association of individuals and legal entities - economic entities, regardless of the form of ownership and organizational and legal structure, united in order to coordinate joint activities, as well as representation and protection of common interests. ADBL is registered by the decision of the district khokimiyat of Tashkent city No. R-003116-09.

Development Strategy

The development strategy is the creation of branches in the regions of Uzbekistan and representative offices abroad that will implement the ADBL strategy, organize training abroad for the specialists of the ADBL member companies, improve the membership policy and establish feedback, establish the Regional Training Center.

The strategy to protect the interests of entrepreneurs is the development of draft laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan aimed at developing companies that provide services related to the development of business logistics, including insurance, leasing, transportation, forwarding, storage and handling of goods, customs procedures, declaration and legal support, i.e. providing a full range of services related to the development and operation of the business environment. The submission of proposals to the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan on improving regulatory and legal acts that promote the development of logistics at the national level.

Partnership strategy aims for improving the scale of cooperation on the basis of signed partnership agreements with the Association of International Road Carriers of Uzbekistan and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Uzbekistan and on their basis to create joint commercial structures and branches of ADBL inside and outside the country. Development of partner cooperation with the national logistics associations of the countries of the European Union and the Central Asian region, the creation of regional associations on their basis.

The financial strategy includes the development and implementation of commercial projects, the increase and improvement of the provided services, the provision of representative, consulting and information services, participation in the implementation of investment projects, and the creation of commercial substructures as a financial source for the progressive development of the Association.

The management strategy is the implementation of a new management style: a) studying and implementing the best practice of logistic associations of foreign countries in the activities of ADBL; b) constantly improving the strategic development plan for ADBL; c) involvement of professional specialists in the activities of the association; d) involvement of international experts to strengthen the work of ADBL.

Strategy for strengthening the profession - creating conditions for nation-wide recognition and development of logistics as the most important sector of the national economy; creation of conditions for the application of international standards, modern technologies and unified international documents and forms in the professional activities of logistics companies.