Strategic Development Plan

  • Main objectives of this strategic plan are (i) provision of improvement of logistics institute in Uzbekistan; (ii) increasing the significance of logistics services in national economy; (iii) strengthening of the position of Association for Development of Business Logistics LLC in economic and social life of the country in line with its legal status, chartered aims and objectives.

    Legal status.

    Association for Development of Business Logistics (ADBL) Limited Liability Company was founded in 2009.  ADBL is a voluntary association of individuals and legal entities – households irrespective of their forms of ownership, and organizational and legal structure, associated with the view to coordinate joint activities, represent and protect corporate interests. ADBL was registered in line with the decision of Rayon Khokimiyat of Tashkent city № R- 003116-09 

    Development strategy

    Development strategy - envisages the following: (i) establishment of branches in the regions of the country and representations abroad, which will implement ADBL policy; (ii) arrangement of trainings abroad for the personnel of ADBL member companies; (iii) improvement of membership policy and establishment of feedback; (iv) creation of Regional Training Center.

    Security strategy envisages the following: (i) drafting of laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan supporting development of enterprises, which promote improvement of business logistics and provide such services as insurance, leasing, haulage, forwarding, cargo storage and handling, customs procedures, declaration and legal support i.e. enterprises that provide complex of services related to functioning and improvement of business environment; (ii) submission of proposals on improvement of legal acts that promote development of logistics at the national level to the Cabinet of Ministers, RUz.