II International Forum «Multimodal transportation 2016: bridge between Europe and Asia» (11-13 May, 2016, Istanbul city, Turkey)

For now the significance of multimodal transportation from Asia to Europe is difficult to overestimate. Geopolitical and economic steps of China to organize new transport corridors to Europe implies a wide range of vital chances and challenges, including infrastructure development in the main transit countries, transport modes competition for the client and issues of stagnating sea freight rates. All these is just a minor part of the issues, provoking to think about the freight market perspectives in the near future.

II International  Forum «Multimodal transportation 2016: bridge between Europe and Asia» (May, 11-13, 2016, Istanbul, Turkey) is a communicative platform for the logistic market professionals providing an excellent chance to discuss the key issues, brought by political and economic reality, within the frames of panel discussions and workspaces.

Among the key issues of the Forum:
  • Multimodal transportation in Europe.
  • European sea ports.
  • 3 PL logistics in effective logistic systems organization. Role of large logistic  agents.
  • River transportation.
  • Container market trends. Optimization of the linear operators services in the Black and Mediterranean Sea regions.
  • Turkey as the key multimodal hub.
  • Cargo transportation from Asia and Middle East: main routes, transit countries potential. New approaches.
  • Integration of new routes into existing transport networks.

Target audience:  railways, railway operators, ports and terminals, road carriers, forwarders, logistic companies, container lines, ship and cargo owners, investing companies, etc.

Delegates have a chance to participate in sessions, panel discussions and workspaces.

Preliminary program is Here.

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