Uzbekistan produces 245,700 automobiles in 2014.


Uzbekistan produced 245,700 automobiles in 2014 and exported over 55,000 of them, the press service of Uzavtosanoat said.

According to the company, the enterprises of automobile industry produced goods for 8.9 trillion soums in 2014, which grew by 11.1% year-on-year.

The enterprises of the industry manufactured 245,700 automobiles, 3,800 buses and trucks of ISUZU, 1,200 – MAN trucks and 133,700 units of engine.

Uzbekistan exported over 55,000 automobiles and spare parts to them. Uzavtosanoat said that its enterprises are searching for new markets for its products.

The company said that products of automobile industry of Uzbekistan are demanded in such markets as Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Belarus, Indonesia, Brazil, Turkey and South Korea. It is worth to mention that the volume of sales of Uzbek automobiles in Russia reached 37,695 units in 2014, which fell by 38% compared to 2013.